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Your #1 Source For Ohio, Kentucky & Indiana Haunts!

City Blood was created in the warm Summer of 2003. At the time it was a relatively small website that was simply known as Cincinnati Haunted House Reviews. The main focus was to give visitors information on Cincinnati haunts along with detailed reviews. From the start City Blood caught people's attention, but in 2003 people still had a negative image of the haunt industry in general. For years haunted houses have been looked at as evil and wherever there is a haunted house, crime is sure to follow. But over the years people's perception of haunted houses have changed and so has the industry as a whole. Today the haunt industry is a multi billion dollar business with multiple conventions/tradeshows, several associations, industry trade magazines, tv programs highlighting frightful attractions and media coverage around the globe.

No one could have ever imagined how far the industry would have grown since 2003 and it's amazing how City Blood has grown right along side it. Today we are known as City Blood and the small website that was created 11 years ago is now a massive haunt portal featuring reviews, interviews, articles, info, pics, a radio show and much more focusing on haunts in Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana. The sky is the limit for City Blood!

You can contact us day or night at jollypumpkin@aol.com.

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