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2008 Top Haunts

These are the top haunts for the 2008 season. They are ranked under the area they are located. Haunts that are ranked will have the rankings next to them. Please visit the reviews section for complete reviews of the haunts.

Haunt of The Year- House of The Dead at Terror Town

Southwest Ohio

Haunted Cave At Lewisburg -9.4

The Dent School House -9.0

Junction Nightmare -8.8

Middletown Haunted Trail (Land of Illusion) -8.4

Dr. Psycho's Haunted Estate (Land of Illusion) -8.2

Temple of Terror (Land of IIlusion) -8.2

Nightmare on Valley Street -8.0

The Chambers of Horror -7.8

The Black Bog -7.8

Massacre Manor (Halloween Haunt) -7.8

Mt. Healthy Haunted Hall -7.6

Club Blood (Halloween Haunt) -7.6

Springboro Haunted Hayride - 7.2

Urgent Scare (Halloween Haunt) -7.2

Killer Klowns (Land of Illusion) - 7.0

Dungeons of Delhi -7.0 

Carnevil (Halloween Haunt) -7.0

Death Row (Halloween Haunt) -7.0

Tombstone Terror-tory (Halloween Haunt) -6.6

Trail of Terror (Halloween Haunt) -6.6

Red Beardís Revenge (Halloween Haunt) -6.0


Central Ohio


Dead Acres -9.8

Terror Park -8.2 

The Pataskala Haunted Forest -8.0 

Trail of Fears -6.2



Northwest/Central Ohio


House of The Dead (Terror Town)  -9.6

The Haunted School House -9.6

The Haunted Laboratory -9.2

Ghostly Manor -9.0

Bloodview Haunted House -8.8

The Factory of Terror -8.0

The Haunted Hydro -8.0 

The Slaughterhouse Night Shift (Terror Town -8.0

The House of Shocks (The Haunted Hydro) -6.8 

The Haunted Mirror Maze (The Factory of Terror) -6.4 

The Beast (Terror Town) -Recommended

Freak-A-Torium (Terror Town) -Recommended




The Haunted Hotel -9.8

USS Nightmare -9.2

Sandyland Acres Haunted Hayride -8.8  

Baxter Avenue Morgue -8.8

Mayhem Mansion -7.0





Industrial Nightmare -9.2

Dementions (Industrial Nightmare Complex) -9.0

Fright Manor -8.6

Screamers Haunted Creations -8.4

Hanna Haunted Hayride (Hanna Haunted Acres) -8.2

PsychoMania, The Theater of Terror -8.0

Pitch Black (Industrial Nightmare Complex) -8.0

Hell's 1/2 Acre (Hanna Haunted Acres) -7.6

Phantazmagoria (Hanna Haunted Acres -7.4

Acres Manor (Hanna Haunted Acres) -6.8

Entanglement Corn Maze (Hanna Haunted Acres) -5.8 


Visitor Top Haunts


These are the haunts that have been reviewed by our visitors, this 2008 haunt season. Every time one is reviewed under visitor reviews in the reviews section; the average or overall opinion will be put next to its haunt. All haunts are in order from best to worst under their location. Only haunts that aren't under the coming soon list in the Reviews section will be added. Go to the reviews section to read full reviews of the visitor haunts on this page.


If you've reviewed a haunt for 2008 and want it featured under "The Top Haunts" or "Visitor Reviews"section, contact us at jollypumpkin@aol.com or post it on the Fright Forum.